Wecio comes out-of-the-box!

Ready-to-go, Wecio Powered access points


If you don’t want to spend time flashing tens of access points a day, or if you simply need a “starter kit” with Wecio superpowers coming “out-of-the-box”… you should pick the Wecio Powered access points.

The Wecio Powered access points are devices from different vendors, which stock firmware was replaced with Wecio firmware before shipping* to you or your customer.


The benefits of purchasing the Wecio Powered access points:

  • Get a plug and play access point that already has the Wecio superpowers! The Wecio Powered AP will be ready to go as soon as you plug it and connect it to the internet!
  • Test the complete set of features, without having to flash the AP yourself.
  • Ready-to-go hardware for your networking solutions. If you need a zero-effort solution, we can even ship the Wecio Powered pre-flashed access points, directly to your customers premise.

Multi-vendor hotspots


Thanks to the broad selection of supported brands and models of access points, you can seamlessly upgrade existing networks or enable social hotspots on top of your favourite hardware.

Wecio Cloud Management software allows you to start cloud managing a new access point and create a new SSID with social login in less than 3 minutes!

*Shipping only to North American Countries