The cloud-based software for remote monitoring

Wec Cloud is the easy-to-use, cloud-based dashboard to remote monitor small or large networks of access points, deployed in one place or in multiple locations worldwide. It shows a complete overview of your APs on Google Maps, and provides detailed statistics for networks, APs and connected clients.

The Cloud Dashboard is accessible from anywhere, from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer.

Less wasted time, less effort

Wec allows you to monitor each Access Point from remote: if an AP goes down, you’ll receive an email alert and will be able to check its status in seconds through the dashboard.

No more VPNs and manual pings! Wec adds remote monitoring plug-and-play.

Network statistics

The graphs show the summed bandwith usage of all the devices that have monitoring enabled:

  • Real-time received data (bytes/s)
  • Real-time sent data (bytes/s)

Data are shown for every access point of the network.

Network status data is available  through APIs as well.

Access point statistics

  • Real-time Status of the access point and last heartbeat
  • Status of the AP during the previous 7 days, with exact date and time per each issue
  • Real-time Load % on RAM/CPU, drop and error rates
  • Number of connected clients and aggregated download and upload bitrate.

Client statistics

You see detailed client stats with the following information for each one:

  • Access point name to which the client is connected
  • SSID
  • MAC address
  • Session duration
  • Sent and received bytes
  • Signal strenght (dBm).