If your access point got broken, don’t worry!

Your configuration is saved in the Wecio Cloud Dashboard, together with your splash page, your social stats and your accounting details.

You can easily remove the broken access point on the Wecio Cloud Dashboard, and then add to the same network a new AP, that will replace the previous one.

Apply the existing SSIDs and settings to the new AP… it’s all done, congrats!

You don’t lose your SSID and hotspot statistics

Don’t worry about losing your settings.

When removing the old AP from the Wecio Cloud Dashboard, you will stop cloud managing it.

If you add a new AP, to replace the removed one, you won’t have additional costs* and you won’t lose the splash page statistics, including social media data of your Wi-Fi clients.

With Wecio, featuring and evolving while providing a clean and stable service is super-easy.
So you can do real business and stay on the top of your game.
Joao Silva

Service Provider, Nauinfor