Up to 8 SSIDs per Access Point


Wecio allows you to create many different types of SSID: for example, an SSID for employees with WPA encrypted password, an open SSID, one with your own captive portal or one with Wecio Splash Page for guest access.

You can associate up to 8 SSIDs to each access point, even if the stock feature set of the unit doesn’t allow more than one or two SSIDs. The captive portal capability is available for all the Wecio Powered access points.

Multi-vendor hotspots


Thanks to the broad selection of supported brands and models of access points, you can seamlessly upgrade existing networks or enable social hotspots on top of your favourite hardware.

Wecio Cloud Management software allows you to start cloud managing a new access point and create a new SSID with social login in less than 3 minutes!

Promote a brand or a product through Wi-Fi

The Wecio Captive Portal / Wi-Fi Authentication Splash Page is simple to setup for you, and super-simple to use for the Wi-Fi clients as well: no more Wi-Fi clients stuck during the authentication process.

Start now building your customized and branded splash page!

  • Add your logo to the splash page, remove Wecio’s logo, change colors and background
  • Choose the authentication method: click-through, email or phone based, coupon voucher based (coming soon), social login
  • Publish video and image advertising
  • No coding, no 3rd party application needed.

No need for coding skills or 3rd party applications

If you don’t want to spend your life building your own splash page, or integrating 3rd party tools to your Wi-Fi cloud management system, we suggest you to use Wecio splash page, that works perfectly with Wecio cloud management system.

You don’t need any coding skills, you don’t need your own Facebook app and you don’t have to submit your app for review.

Instead, if you are a Wi-Fi McGyver, you want to do things by yourself, or if you need very specific features, then build your own splash page: you can use it, with or without an external Radius, on top of your Wecio cloud managed access points.

Additional configurations


  • Abuse control and black list specific MAC addresses
  • Choose session timeout and idle timeout
  • Enable/disable communication among clients
  • Limit the number of sessions per each client on a per hour/day/week basis
  • Allow roaming among APs (centralized authentication).

Captive portal features


  • Customize the splash page layout
  • Add image and video advertisements
  • Enable many different login flows: through social networks (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Windows Live), or through e-mail, phone, code, vouchers/coupons
  • Set up the landing page and the walled garden
  • Show terms and conditions and require acceptance
  • Select among multiple languages available
  • Use your Facebook app for a more branded experience
  • Share insights with your customers through the Social Dashboard.