Social Wifi marketing powerhouse

Utilize your wifi system to display ads, collect customer emails, increase facebook likes and much more! This is Social wifi at its best!

Watch our video to find out how wecio’s social wifi works.

Click on the guest Wifi.

The customer clicks on the venues guest wifi.

Log in.

The customer can log in using their facebook, linkedin, instagram, or email account credentials.

Like the facebook page.

The customer is prompted to like the your venues facebook page.

You are now connected!

The first page that is displayed once the customer is connected is of your choice.

Increase Social Engagement.

Increase likes, checkins, followers all while providing free wifi.

Detailed Customer Analytics

Use your free wifi as a tool to collect user specific data such as emails, age, gender via our online dashboard.

Eliminate The Need For Wifi Passwords.

Allow customers to log in using their favourite social platforms.

A Dashboard filled with data.

←     Watch the video to view the dashboard and its features.

The dashboard is where you can view information collected by your Wecio access point such as, new connections, new likes, log in account used, your best customer(most connections), email addresses, age, gender and much more.


Wecio’s installation experience was designed with simplicity in mind. Adding the wecio powered access point to the existing wifi modem is easily accomplished by plugging in the access point to the modems LAN port. This process takes about 30 seconds of DIY time.

Superpowers to your Wifi!


Be the god of your wifi.

Manage and monitor your Wifi from one single centralized dashboard. Collect rich customer data such as age, gender and valid email address and export to excel.

Social login for your wifi system


Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, VKontakte and Windows Live.

Add social login to your wifi instead of giving customers a password!


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